ovject Enamel Bowl

Client: ovject
Date: 201807

ovject’s refined, thin-lipped enamel bowl utilizes the soft qualities of enamel and the strength of metal. While many enamel products are normally suspended for firing in consideration of mass productivity, resulting in a curled lip, ovject’s enamel bowls are individually enameled with care by our artisans, creating a refined, thin edge. This piece, which combines the strength of metal – a 0.8mm steel sheet coated with enamel glaze – with the qualities of ceramics, can be used not only in everyday settings but also outdoors, even for reheating food over a charcoal fire or a direct gas flame, and for oven cooking. We provide a wide range of sizes for you to choose from to suit your needs, and the bowl can be used for various types of cuisine, unlimited by genre. As an additional feature, ovject’s rim plate in the same size can be used as a simple lid. The bowl can also be used adaptively for a variety of everyday settings such as flower arranging.