ovject Enamel Rim Plate

Client: ovject
Date: 201804

Product Label "ovject" Enamel Rim Plate Design.

These enamel rim plates are 0.8 mm steel plates coated with glossy enamel to combine a gentle feel reminiscent of ceramic ware with the strength of steel. They can be used over direct flame and in ovens as well, making them the perfect option not only for the dining table, but also for outdoor use at settings like campsites as well. The distinctive raised rim lends a natural hand fit both when carrying the plates to the table and during meal time. These enamel rim plates from ovject are pleasantly usable in any kind of table setting. They come in a 3-size array of 30 cm, 24 cm, and 18 cm for use in a variety of situations. The sizes can be stacked and stored as one set. The 30 cm plates can be used as full meal plates and trays for tea sets. 24 cm is a useful everyday size for things like main dishes and curry. 18 cm is the perfect size for single servings and slices of cake. This size array is perfect for a wide variety of uses.