Gion Sasaki Enameld Cast Iron Bowl

Client: Gion Sasaki
Date: 201608

京都祇園にて割烹を営む、祇園 さヽ木、別注の鋳物琺瑯椀のデザイン。伝統的な漆のお椀をモチーフに、温めると冷めにくい鋳物の特性と、鋳物の錆びを防ぐ琺瑯の機能性、そして配膳される器としての様式を備えたフォルム。直接火にかけての調理や、蒸し物、グリル料理など割烹料理の可能性を拡げる鋳物の器です。

This product is a special order from a Japanese style restaurant in Kyoto, Gion.
With the motif of traditional lacquer bowl. I can create new culinary possibility that the characteristics of casting that are difficult to cool when you warm up, the functionality of enamel to prevent rusting of castings, and the bowl featuring traditional style.
You can make various dishes such as direct cooking, steaming, grilled dishes.